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22 Works Found for SCULPTURE
Artist Category Title Medium
John Balistreri sculpture Reflection of the Flame (1991) anagama-fired ceramic
Richard Beckman sculpture Tabula Rasa (Translation: Blank Slate) (1990) steel slate
Josep Bofill sculpture Progression 1 iron, resin, and durotrans
Cecil Carstensen sculpture Untitled (nd) cocobolo wood
Ching-Yuan Chang sculpture The Void (2001) Wood-fired stoneware
Dale Chihuly sculpture Cathedral Violet Chandelier (1999) glass
James Clark sculpture Untitled (Circa 1972) marble
Ming Fay sculpture Armor (1996) Paper on steel
Douglass Freed sculpture Five Panel L. Steel Structure In Black, #5 (1991) steel, bluing technique, plum-brown
Douglass Freed sculpture Six Panel Vertical Steel Structure #9 (1992) steel, bluing techinque, plum-brown & cool blue
John Kennedy sculpture Spirit of Learning (1995) Bronze
Anne Lindberg sculpture Flex Stem (2000) Steel rods, wood, acrylic
Cork Marcheschi sculpture When the Clouds Are Like Headlines on a New Front Page Sky (Circa 1970) Electrical Light Sculpture
Allan McCollum sculpture "Thanks" from "More Visible Markers in Twelve Exciting Colors" (2000) Sculpture (4 pieces)
Matt McCoy sculpture Stake (1994) Laminated Plywood
David McCullough sculpture Ghost Gamble, Mantra Elemental Series (1976) Acrylic paint on foam
Henry Moore sculpture Reclining Figure (1939) bronze, ed. of 7, cast in 1968
Judy Onofrio sculpture Fish Wish (1997) mixed media
Warren Rosser sculpture One More Than One (Sentinal) (1988) Wood, milk paint, oil paint
Jane Schneider sculpture What's That? (2001-02) Wood and mixed media
Michael Steiner sculpture Thermi (1981) Cast Bronze
Michael Steiner sculpture Vulcan (1980) Cast Bronze


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