Excerpt from an e-mail from Susan Kemenyffy, 6/18/2014: “…The piece that you are inquiring about was in a series of about six, one of which was shipped to Mino, Japan for an International Clay Competition, & won an honorable mention. Steven is the sculptor & I am responsible for all the drawing & glazing. The pieces arrived wet through the door between our studios, where I then – using a live model – drew on them with India Ink. Those lines were incised with a roulette. The piece was allowed to dry, was bisque fired, & returned to my studio to be glazed. You will note from the resume that the Raku is to be found in many public & private collections & has been in innumerable juried & invitational exhibitions. Though the Raku oeuvre was completed after 9/11, when I stepped down as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, we continue to work in other collaborative directions & in May of 2013 were awarded the Hillman prize at the 102nd Annual of The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Museum. Currently I am preparing for a May 2015 one-person print & drawing exhibition at George Conte in Ligonier, Pennsylvania…”

Cymbidium Series-Study

Excerpt from an e-mail from Susan Kemenyffy, 6/18/2014: Although trained as an engraver & etcher, the print is one of the few lithographs that was done here in the studio. At the time I was one of the founders of our local Orchid Society, allied with the American Orchid Society – Cattleya’s were & are my favorite Orchid – & I did a series of them. Now that I have returned to copper plate drypoints, orchids are again appearing in images of my 4 year old granddaughter in her studio within my studio.