Study for a Crucifixion

Luchini has received numerous citations and awards, including ?Young Architects? list, Progressive Architecture, 1990; ?Emerging Voices?List/Award, the Architecture League of New York in 1992 and the AIA Design Excellence Award in 1998. Besides being an associate professor at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, Luchini has taught at the University of Cincinnati, Harvard University, University of Texas in Arlington and Universitat Politecnia de Catalunya in Spain. He currently is the design director for Architecture at Sverdrup Inc. Both an architect and artist, Luchini grew up in Argentina and spent a great deal of time in the country and at Catholic boarding schools, which spurred his interest in religious and mythological subjects. His work also displays an attachment to the land. The figure usually is a reference to some historical person such as Jesus or St. Peter. He uses the figure as an arena that gathers emotion to such a point that the figure gradually begins to disintegrate.