Cathedral Violet Chandelier

by Chihuly, Dale (American, b. 1941)
Categorized in Sculpture

Considered the single most significant artist working in glass today, Chihuly has been integral in transforming blown glass into a medium for fine art. He was honored as the first National Living Treasure of the United States in 1992. His works can be found in the permanent collections of museums throughout the world. Initially, Chihuly was the gaffer, the person in charge of blowing the glass, but since losing sight in his left eye following a car accident, he has turned to orchestrating a team of glassblowers. He begins by executing a series of drawings in quick succession. Next, he instructs and guides his team as they swiftly work with the hot molten glass to reproduce his drawings. His chandelier creations caused quite a stir when he began installing them in exhibitions throughout the world in 1996. In late 1996 An American Premiere: Chihuly Over Venice opened in Kansas City, Missouri. Chihuly exhibited 10 large blown-glass chandeliers at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. In his own home, Chihuly has eight large chandeliers hanging over an 88-foot wooden table. Cathedral Violet Chandelier hangs in the atrium of the Daum Museum of Contemporary of Art. The dazzling assemblage of light purple blown glass surrounded by spiraled vines and corkscrews greets visitors when they tour the museum.

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