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10! The First Decade

February 4 - July 29, 2012 Free Admission

Daum Museum of Contemporary Art opened to the public in January 2002. It is named for collector and benefactor Harold F. Daum, MD, and contains 9 galleries devoted to the exhibition of art created since the mid-20th century. At its founding, the permanent collection comprised 300 artworks collected by Dr. Daum. Today, the collection includes over 1000 works of art in various media by some of the most celebrated American artists of the last 60 years. The primary holdings lie in the areas of painting, ceramics, and prints, but there are growing collections of photographs, sculpture, and works on paper. The core of the painting collection is composed of artists associated with Post-Painterly Abstraction, including Helen Frankenthaler, Jules Olitski, Friedel Dzubas, and Gene Davis. Tangents of this movement are represented by Larry Poons, Dan Christensen, and Walter Darby Bannard. Another significant concentration of the painting collection focuses on work by mid-western artists, many of whom live in Missouri, including Keith Jacobshagen, Warren Rosser, Fred Nelson, and Philomena Dosek Bennet. The collection of ceramics is centered on large-scale sculpture, and includes signature works by the American ceramists responsible for the singular achievements made in this medium during the last fifty years, among them Peter Voulkos, Rudy Autio, and Ken Ferguson; Betty Woodman, Jun Kaneko, and Ron Nagle; and Marc Leuthold, Chris Gustin, and Annabeth Rosen. The print collection offers an overview of a number of epical moments in contemporary American art, and includes compositions by Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns; Pop artists Andy Warhol, Robert Rosenquist, and Roy Lichtenstein; minimalists Frank Stella, Sol LeWitt, and Chuck Close; neo-expressionists Julian Schnabel, Robert Longo, and David Salle; as well as graphics by celebrated figures like Louise Bourgeois, Vija Celmens, Pat Steir, and Richard Serra.