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Rena Small, "Andy Warhol," from the "Artists' Hands Grid Continuum project", 1988; photograph; 10.500 x 13.000 in. Gift of the artist.

absence • presence

May 6 - September 3, 2023 Admission

absence • presence is an exploration of Daum’s collection built upon the framework of contrast. This context provides a method of amalgamation for dialogue about identity and existence across modes of representation and generations of makers. Kara Walker’s disruption of a historical text to tell the story of the American Civil War from the perspective of the slaves through the use of grotesque silhouettes is placed in conversation with Motherwell’s reflection on the Spanish Civil War and his perception of the fascist-led destruction of democracy.

Each of the works selected for this show pushes and pulls on the notion of presence and absence. Though the work is largely black and white, some restricted elements of color are present to emphasize the idea that it is not at the extremes of dualities that we reach understanding, but in all of the variations and moments in between.