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Installation view of "Gisela Colon: Pods" at Daum Museum.

Gisela Colon: Pods

September 29 - December 16, 2018 Admission

Los Angeles-based artist Gisela Colon is well regarded for her meticulously fabricated, glowingly iridescent wall sculptures, referred to as “pods.” These are large-scale, three-dimensional, non-representational objects, asymmetrical and biomorphic in shape, with perfectly smooth surfaces. The sculptures are made from blow-molded acrylic plastic, laminated and layered with iridescent and fluorescent pigments. They provide a perceptual experience of light, color, and space. On display will be 13 of Colon’s ellipsoids, spheroids, wedges, and skewed squares—luminous and colorful objects that unify the genres of sculpture and painting.