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John Louder: Missouri Discoveries Series

June 1 - September 8, 2002 Free Admission


Oil Landscape Paintings

“The viewer is always free to fabricate his or her own interpretation of an artist’s intent, but here the rich layering of carefully observed hovering images convince us of the artist’s sincere effort to share the meaning of an actual experience.”
Excerpts from the exhibit publication by Dr. Leroy McDermott – Art Historian.

The Daum Museum of Contemporary Art will be presenting the art of John Louder in the Goddard Gallery, from June 1st- September 8th. John Louder, who is an Assistant Professor of Art at Central Missouri State University, is an accomplished artisan who has been in numerous exhibitions since the early 1990’s. And among the past exhibitions has also acclaimed many awards for his paintings as well.
When Louder originally moved to the Midwest, he was taken by the lush landscape, and felt compelled to recreate his new surroundings through the medium of paint. For the duration of one year Louder painted two paintings per month in order to capture the change of the seasons. The end result was set of 24 paintings, when butted up next to each other created an endless panoramic view of the Missouri home front. Louder portrays a land where there is a sense of distilled peace, reflected by the times and places of 1 year passed.
Louder also includes another set of single paintings that incorporate well-known figures of the Impressionists into his work. The inter-relating relationship Louder creates with juxtaposing such famous images of Degas against the plush Missouri landscape reveals a depth of history amongst the art of painting. Allowing the viewer to take his or her own interpretation and understanding of how these elements intertwine. It is relevant to infer that each piece has a deeply rooted past in once sense or another.