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Judy Onofrio: Come One, Come All

February 5 - May 15, 2005 Free Admission

The Daum Museum of Contemporary Art will present internationally known Minnesota sculptor Judy Onofrio. She will be exhibiting her monumental, assembled, mixed medium sculptures in multiple gallery spaces. These extraordinary three-dimensional collages are playful and humorous depictions of gypsies, fortunetellers, aerialist and other circus persona. Onofrio has exhibited extensively in the United States and her works have been shown in several European Countries. She has been the recipient of major awards and was honored in 2001 with the Minnesota Crafts Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This exhibition organized by the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art will tour four additional art museums after its debut in Sedalia. A 42-page full-color catalogue will accompany this exhibition.

“Since the early 1990s Judy Onofrio has singularly pursued the world of delight, of the garden, of ancient myths and Eastern beings, of rabbits and birds and beautiful women. Of monkeys and flowers. Of those rituals and places and existences outside normal being where extraordinary things can take place: the Day of the Dead, the circus, the snake charmer, the fortune teller’s den, the land of the Buddha. In her dialogue with opposites, dualities and mixed messages, males and females, doers of good and doers of evil, in her exploration of strength and fragility, of the humorous and the scary, of the obvious and the disguised, and of the eloquent and the mundane, Judy Onofrio becomes the poet as she extracts the essences from these worlds and shapes them into art that radiates with delight.”
–Laurel Reuter, Founding Director, North Dakota Museum of Art, Catalog Essayist

“There is nothing I would rather do and no place I would rather be [other than my studio]. Through my art, I construct a world of memory, humor, and stories. Best of all, I live in that world and invite others in. My life and art are best when on a continuous roll, including everything I desire—love, happiness, good friends, success, and a working concrete mixer.”
–Judy Onofrio, Artist