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Local Voices – Ali Halane

May 22 - September 12, 2004 Free Admission

The Daum Museum of Contemporary presents “Local Voices” Ali Halane. Halane, a Somalian-American artist resides in Sedalia, Missouri, uses clay and bronze to create three-dimensional objects inspired by his native land. In Somalia, clay vessels are crafted to hold water or grain and are designed to be carried, often by the women of the village. His work is done by hand, without the aid of a potter’s wheel, to recreate more authentically the craft as it is done in his homeland. This source provides Halane inspiration for his abstracted vessel forms and enigmatic bronze sculptures.

Halane grew up in Somalia but came to the U.S. in the 1980’s to study. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in art in 1990 from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. In 1994, he earned his MFA from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He currently teaches art at State Fair Community College in Sedalia and at Lincoln University in Jefferson City.

This exhibition will be a retrospective of works created over the past two decades.