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Matthew Zupnick: Adjustments

September 30, 2006 - January 14, 2007 Free Admission

Matthew Zupnick is a Professor of art at Central Missouri State University. History and the slowness of time that it still requires are essential to Matthew Zupnick’s work, and references to it exist on multiple footings of understanding.

Zupnick has concentrated on a rhythm of bronze, steel, and carved wood to create a body of work. Painstakingly forged from some of the world’s more resilient materials, Zupnick’s figures represent a literal measure of time spent in their creation. These same works also reference the concept of time in their design, as the artist acknowledges an ancient history of representation that is responsive to our collective curiosity. As a result, Zupnick’s sculptures appear both deliberate and meditative, possessing a certain timeliness and primitivism. These dualities are the product of a hand-hewn and hammered roughness of material process and its relationship to the principles of an intellectual and philosophical investigation.

–from the exhibition catalog essay by Marcus Cain
“Mythology of Materials, the Art of Matthew Zupnick”