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RE: Generation Unsettled/Settled – EXTENDED

October 1, 2021 - January 23, 2022 Admission

EXTENDED – Please contact the museum for updates.

Unsettled/Settled is a group exhibition by RE: Generation, a collective of nine Kansas City-area artists. The coterie developed organically as a loose-knit group drawn together by common history and generational and gender experiences. Although these artists work in a wide range of media, content, styles, and techniques, RE: Generation nourishes a collegial spirit that supports and challenges individual studio practices through cross-fertilization and dialogue.

In a statement about their Daum exhibition, the group writes: At the beginning, a work of art is “unsettled.” From beginning to end, anything can happen. Responses to the creative process, embedded in the countless choices the artist makes, work toward resolution. That state of suspension exists until the piece feels “settled.” This juncture in our individual lives—as well as this unparalleled moment in our nation’s and planet’s story—pervades each artist’s work, directly or obliquely, and emerges in themes of family, the environment, and social justice.

RE: Generation Unsettled/Settled is presented at the Daum with funding from the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency. Additional support comes from Mrs. Katherine A. Menefee, season underwriter; Barbara Schrader, season underwriter; Randy & Marsha Eaton, exhibition sponsors; Steve & Karen Ellebracht, exhibition sponsors; Sylvia Y. Hopkins, exhibition sponsor; James & Martha Meyer, exhibition sponsors; and Sylvia L. Thompson, exhibition sponsor. All programs are supported by State Fair Community College and the members of Daum Museum of Contemporary Art.


Docent Walk Through | September 30, 2021


RE: Generation Unsettled/Settled
RE: Generation Unsettled/Settled