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Recent American Ceramics from the Dr. Harold F. Daum Collection

January 30 - May 30, 2016 Admission

Daum Museum’s permanent collection of 160 contemporary ceramics offers a survey of work by many of the best-known American practitioners of the last 50 years (although most examples date from the 1990s forward). The collection focuses on large-scale sculptural forms that are primarily medium driven, although there is a fair representation of artists interested in producing idea- and narrative-centered objects.

Highlights of the collection include iconic examples by artists associated with the generation that reinvigorated American ceramics after World War II, including Peter Voulkos, Rudy Autio, John Mason, Ken Ferguson, Karen Karnes, and Ruth Duckworth. Artists of the following generation include Chris Gustin, Peter Callas, John Balistreri, and Arnold Zimmerman. Ceramists interested in a conceptual art practice are represented by Betty Woodman, Raymon Elozua, Anne Currier, Marc Leuthold, and Tony Marsh. Audience-engaging story telling is found in sculptures by Sergei Isupov, Michael Lucero, Arthur Gonzalez, and Sun-Koo Yuh.

An important segment of the Daum’s holdings is comprised by the many ceramists who live and work in the Midwest, including Jim Leedy, Jun Kaneko, Victor Babu, Cary Esser, George Timmock, Yoshiro Ikeda, Joyce Jablonski, and Keith Ekstam. Among the artists in the collection who live outside the United States are Carlo Zauli, Ole Lislerud, Ah Leon, and Wouter Dam.