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Ron Ehrlich: In Other Words

February 9 - May 25, 2008 Free Admission

New York’s expressionist painter Ron Ehrlich scrapes, scratches, and drips paint on the canvas’s surface and even uses a blowtorch to fuse colors and forms, all of which achieves the idea that the “skin” of the painting is like the fired surface of a ceramic object that reveals the remarkable layers of these expressive non-objective paintings. The meditative calm in his art speaks to his extended studies in Japan.

Ehrlich received his BFA from Connecticut College in New London, CT and has studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, The Kansas City Art Institute, Joji Yamasita, Bizen Providince, Japan.

Ehrlich has been represented by the Stephen Haller Gallery in New York City for the last decade where he has had annual solo exhibitions. Essays and reviews on Ehrlich have appeared in such publications as Art News, Art in America, New York Arts, New American Painting, New York Times, The New York Sun, and the Boston Globe.

“Ron Ehrlich achieves high distinction in his work by admitting seemingly contradictory impulses to drive the experiential aspect of his vision. That is: coinciding qualities of interiority and a robust sensation of exteriority, viscerality and delicacy, energy and stillness. Such inherent oppositional tensions in each painting seem held in perfect balance. These polarities are suspended in fields of pictorial spaciousness that are highlighted by the artist’s singular mark making and juxtaposed, and often evanescent, color choices.”
–From “Dynamic Stillness: The Paintings of Ron Ehrlich” written by Dominique Nahas.