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Installation view of "The LA Look: Selections from the Collection."

The LA Look: Selections from the Collection

September 15 - December 16, 2018 Admission

By the mid-1960s, Los Angeles had become the locus of a loosely structured art movement, referred to variously as Light and Space, Finish Fetish, or California minimalism. This art form was concerned primarily with how geometric shapes and the use of light could affect the environment and perception of the viewer. The artists employed space-age fabrication processes from industry and non-traditional media such as glass, fluorescent lights, cast acrylic, and sprayed paint. Light and Space artists were also influenced by the meticulous aesthetics of Southern California’s car and surf cultures. The effects of waxed surfboards and gleaming automobiles were echoed in the artists’ use of sensuous color, luminescence, and highly finished surfaces. Because of her interest in the Light and Space/Finish Fetish movement, Gisela Colon holds affinities with several artists in the Daum’s permanent collection whose work is characteristic of “The LA Look,” including Judy Chicago, Laddie John Dill, Hap Tivey, and Alex Couwenberg.