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Vera Klement: Paintings 1991-2004

October 2, 2004 - January 16, 2005 Free Admission

Figurative Chicago painter Vera Klement will be exhibiting large-scale paintings in a retrospective. Vera Klement “Paintings 1991-2004” will feature twenty-seven large scale mostly two-canvas panel paintings by this extremely influential Chicago artist. This is the third retrospective of her long and distinguished career. Klement’s signature white background paintings are filled with edgy figurative images, sensations of floating, suggestive of doom and loss but as critic Donald Kuspit says “Again and again she pictures the moment when earthly misery, magically–miraculously–becomes transcendental joy.” Klement’s paintings also lead a double life of image when viewed from afar, but reveals a myriad of abstract marks and thick paint upon close scrutiny.