by Ikeda, Yoshiro (American, b. Japan, b. 1947)
Categorized in Ceramic

Ikeda received his B.S. degree from Portland State University in 1970. His degree was in painting and drawing, but in his senior year he realized working with clay was what he really wanted to do. Recognizing Ikeda?s keen desire to work with clay, one of his professors urged him to apply for a scholarship to study ceramics in Japan. The Japanese government awarded him the Ministry of Education Scholarship and after three years of study at Kyota City University of Fine Arts, he received his Research Art Certificate. A few years later he earned his M.F.A. degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Shortly after receiving his M.F.A., Ikeda accepted an offer to teach at Ventura Community College in California. After only one year at the community college, he accepted a teaching position at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. Ikeda has received several faculty grants, and is now the head of the ceramics department at Kansas State University. Ikeda employs an unusual off-center throwing technique that requires perfect timing and coordination. He also builds some of his works by hand. Landscapes and the organic aspects of nature serve as his inspiration.

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