by Stiener, Michael (American, b. 1945)
Categorized in Sculpture

Steiner was part of a group of artists called Bennington School because of his association with Bennington College. Many students from Bennington became imitators of the sculpture artist,Anthony Caro. Caro was influenced by the art critic Clement Greenberg and worked in a narrow aesthetic and formal style. Steiner?s work echoes elegance and reflects the formal qualities of his predecessor, Anthony Caro. The Vulcan is an example of the artist putting abstract theory into effect without regard to practical difficulties. One can see the impracticalities of this work and appreciate the skill and thought that went into making it. Instead of using scrap metal like many sculpture artists, Steiner makes his own pieces. He merges these hand-crafted pieces till they look like something. In his more recent works Steiner exhibits his use of hand-crafted objects by integrating them till they become a unified whole.

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