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Coalescence: Exploring Contemporary Ceramics and Artist Communities

January 26 - April 20, 2023 Admission

Coalescence is a joining of artists and art organizations. Artaxis is a network of contemporary artists that engage the ceramics community through promotion, education, and networking. Josh Novak of Longwell Museum and Artaxis board members created an invitational in 2022 as a celebration of diverse ceramic practices. Daum Museum is furthering dialogue among Artaxis members by drawing from the Daum collection, adding work from original participants, and inviting new voices.

Renata Cassiano Alvarez, Nikki-Renee Anderson, Eliza Au, Ian Bassett, Rebekah Bogard, Jason Briggs, Paul Briggs, Jonathan Christensen Caballero, Pattie Chalmers, Adam Chau, Marisa Finos, Misty Gamble, Brian Harper, Rain Harris, Natasha Hovey, Erica Iman, Samuel Johnson, Mika Negishi Laidlaw, Steven Young Lee, Linda Lighton, Linda Lopez, Lauren Mabry, Didem Mert, Jeffrey Mongrain, Steven Montgomery, Gregg Moore, Richard Notkin, Kyounghwa Oh, Jarred Pfeiffer, Gina Pisto, Thomas Schmidt, Virginia Scotchie, Malcolm Mobutu Smith, Kwok-Pong “Bobby” Tso, Josh Van Stippen, Adam Welch, Casey Whittier, Nicole Woodard, Jenchi Wu