by Dzubas, Friedel (American, b. Germany 1915-1994)
Categorized in Painting

This large colorfield painting by Dzubas reflects his early artistic interest in landscape painting. In his early days of painting landscapes he painted with watercolors. When he switched to oils his family frowned upon this because of the expense of the oil paints. Dzubas admits that this attitude by his family fired his drive to succeed at his chosen vocation. In 1965 he began painting with acrylic because he found this type of paint to be more resistant to being manipulated around on the canvas than oil. This characteristic of acrylic allowed the unexpected to emerge in his creations. ?If I can predict the effect too much, then I probably am not supposed to be doing it. I function better if my footing is not too sure, so to speak.? – Friedel Dzubas

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