S.B. 1.27.77 #5

Tworkov immigrated to the United States from Poland at the age of thirteen. He was among several of the New York School artists that worked with the Public Works of Art Project and then with the WPA. It was in the WPA where he met and befriended Willem de Kooning. In the late ?50s they shared a studio. The expressionistic brushstrokes in Untitled form a pattern of unrestrained energy. The interlocking reds and blues create a sense of unity. It appears to be some sort of grid or system similar to our own circulatory system. One can easily detect the influence that Cezanne and the Surrealists had on Tworkov. Cezanne?s expressionist brushstrokes certainly impressed Tworkov. The Surrealists favored the automatic method of painting and he seemed to employ this method in his work, too. This method required the artist to use his unconscious mind to paint. Pollock?s drip paintings were created in this fashion, too.