Clark received a BFA in sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1972. He sculpted in stone, but his body of work reflects other media such as bronze, aluminum-welded steel, and wood. His sculpture and paintings have been included in numerous one-man and group exhibitions, and he is represented in private collections internationally. Painting and printmaking were also important in his overall production. Clark taught sculpture and drawing from 1976-1978 at the Aegean School, and had several one-man exhibitions at the Diogenes Gallery in Plaka, Athens, Greece. In 1977 his work was represented in the International Invitational Show of Young Sculptors at the Museum Skironio-Polychronopolous, also in Athens. In 1971 received a grant from the Kansas City Art Institute and studied Greece. This experience affected his work dramatically. Clark said, “I came to Greece in order to study the classical sculpture and the village architecture on the islands. I chose Paros specifically because it has both the sculpture and the architecture, as well as the finest marble in the world, and the peaceful life necessary for my own work.”