Currently residing in New York, Yokose has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States. His works also have appeared in several group exhibitions in his native Japan. Works by Yokose can be found in the collections of The Kennedy Museum of American Art, the San Jose Museum of Art and the Microsoft Corporation. Yokose uses an unusual process in which he combines oil and beeswax to create landscapes that appear simultaneously abstract and realistic. Because of the artist?s unique technique of painting, the surfaces of his work have a sensuous and tactile appearance. In this work by Yokose, one can see a funnel looming above the low horizon that is typical in his landscape works. The viewer can only speculate whether the funnel is a tornado or a bolt of lightning. The abstractness of the work hinders one from deciphering the exact nature of the funnel shape. The mysterious funnel and dark haunting skies allude to the danger of an approaching storm.