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Sculptural Clay Invitational

March 12 - June 9, 2002 Free Admission

30 Ceramic Artists from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

The Sculptural Clay Invitational is the inaugural exhibition of clay in the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art. This exhibition represents the continuation of a seven-year series of solo exhibitions in the Goddard Gallery. During this period, major solo exhibitions have been presented by many of this region’s prominent ceramists. Among this distinguished group were solo exhibitions by several artists included in this invitational: Jim Leedy, George Timock, Dan Anderson, Ron Fondaw, Yoshiro Ikeda, Mac McClanahan, Jeff Johnston, Keith Ekstam, Bede Clark, Paul Allen and Don Luper. Dr. Harold F. Daum purchased pieces from several of these exhibitions. Also, during this same time frame, Daum added major works by Peter Voulkos, John Mason, Rudio Autio, Karen Karnes, Jun Kaneko, Richard Devore, and Betty Woodman. These pieces, along with many others of national and regional importance, were gifted to the State Fair Community College Foundation to create the Daum Collection. With this exhibition, the concurrent solo exhibition of Betty Woodman in the Goddard Gallery and the scheduled Spring 2003 exhibition of Jun Kaneko, the Museum continues the institution’s tradition of commitment to contemporary clay for future exhibitions and acquisitions.